Color Change (Regular Polish) - $10

The perfect “on the go” manicure!

Includes nail trimming, filing, buffing and polish.

No cuticle care nor hand massage.

* Regular Manicure - $16 
This is our Classic manicure!

Great for weekly/biweekly nail maintenance.

Includes a soapy soak, nail trimming, filing, buffing, cuticle care, hand massage, hot towels, and polish. Matte or clear polish are available upon requested.

If you don’t want polish we will buff your nails for a shiny finish.

** DAZZLE Manicure - $26

Included everything in the Regular Manicure plus DAZZLE Brand Nail Polishs!!

* Ritz's Deluxe Manicure - $26

Includes all the steps in the Regular Manicure PLUS:

- Aromatherapy Soak and Exfoliation

- Hydrating Mask and Rejuvenating Hand & Arm massage with luxurious lotion to hydrate and restore elasticity as well as reducing the signs of aging.

* Gel Manicure - $32  (Chrome Color - $37)

Gel polish is the best choice for a long lasting manicure!

We use LED Light to cure the gel NOT UV Light !!

Perfect for anyone seeking chip-free nail color for up to 10 days.

Soak-off is quick and non-damaging. We have any different gel polish brands to fit your liking.

Especially great for vacations, special occasions, brides, professional women, and busy mothers!

* Dip Powder Manicure - $45

This is A manicure with Dip powder which includes everything in a Regular Manicure plus choice of Dip Powder color.

* Soak-off Gel(add to any manicure) - $5  * Soak-OFF Dip (add to any manicure) - $10

* Soak-Off For Gel (without any service) - $7  * Soak-Off for Dip (without any service) - $12

* FRENCH ADD-ON - $8-$10 extra

* Lavender Paraffin Treatment for the Hands - $5

* Gel Color Change - $20

Includes nail trimming, filing, buffing and Gel polish.

No cuticle care nor hand massage.

* Gel Color Change with Gel Soak-Off - $25

** DAZZLE POLISH - $10Extra