A semi-permanent procedure that accentuates the beauty of the eyes by adhering a synthetic lash to each single lash. The result is a very natural extensions to the lashes that will last the full length of the natural lash cycle. The longevity of the lashes is different with everyone due to lifestyle, after care, and nature of the natural lashes.

Tiffany is a certified Lash Artist by the following:

LashBeLONG (6/2008), NaturaLash (4/2009), Shavasana Eyelash Extension (1/2009), and Hoa's Beauty Lash 10/2018.

* What are lash extensions made of?

They are made of synthetic fibers that look and feel identical to a natural lash.


* How long do lash extensions last?

When properly applied, they will last for the full life cycle of your natural lash. Each lash has an average growth cycle of 60 days. When your natural lash falls out, the synthetic lash will fall with it. To fill in the spaces where any of your natural lashes may have fallen out, you will need to come in for touch up appointments every 2-4 weeks. The time varies based on your age, color of hair, and ability to take care of your lash extensions at home.


*What can I expect to happen during the procedure?

Your lashes will need to be completely clean, free of make-up and mascara. Your Lash Extensionist will prep your eyes with surgical tape. You will relax for up to 2 hours as your extensions are applied one by one to each of your natural lashes an d sealed for longevity. You may even fall asleep as the procedure is very relaxing. The end result is longer, fuller, voluminous lashes.


* How safe are the lash extensions?

The lashes are applied directly to the natural lash, never applied to the skin. The procedure is pain free and will not pull out your natural lashes. The eyes should remain closed and protected throughout the entire procedure.

* How do I know if I am allergic to the adhesive?

If you are unsure if you are allergic to the adhesive, your extensionist can perform a patch test on the back of your hand, which will reveal if you have an allergy to the glue. Some individuals who are sensitive or have allergies to other adhesives should have a patch test performed.


* Can I use lash enhancer or growth serum with my extensions?

Yes, you can use any of the serums that promote lash growth. LashFood is recommended for its nano peptide technology. It is made from all natural botanical and herbs that promote the healthy growth of your lashes and brows. No chemical side effects that some of the other enhancers can cause.

Before & After Pictures

Lash Extensions by Tiffany

Lash Extensions by Tiffany

* Semi-permanent procedure that can be maintained with monthly touch-up appointments

* Natural looking, completely weightless, identical to your natural lashes

* Relaxing procedure that only takes 90-120 minutes

* Comes in a variety of lengths, thickness, colors and styles

Specially good for:






Individual Lash Extension:

Full Set - $150

Refill - $75-$90

*Express FS - $75*

*Hybrid - $200 *

*Volume - $250 *

Eyelash Extensions

After Care Instructions


* DO use oil-free make-up remover to take off any eye cosmetics.

* DO pat dry the lashes. Avoid rubbing extensions when washing face.

* Touch-ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks.

* DONOT get lashes wet for the first 24 hours.

* DONOT steam or use sauna room for the first 48 hours.

* DONOT use cosmetics that contain oil.

* DONOT tint or perm eyelash extensions.

* DONOT use manual eyelash curler,

* DONOT pull off the extensions, this will pull off your natural lashes as well.

Lash Extensions by Tiffany

Model is Tina C. J.

Lash Extensions by Tiffany