Introducing A very special skincare line KristinaPro!!

Exclusively at Ritz !!!!

* Beelicious Lip Plumper - $26.00

** Special Introductory Price - $20.00 **

- Formulated with Bees Wax and Shea Butter Base.

- Contains peptides for plump, smoothness and rejuvenated lips. It is recommended before applying lipstick and/or lip treatment such as dermal filler injection.

- Long term results while with other lip plumper brands, although temporary, you will have irritation from the ingredients which redden and swell the lip's delicate tissue. It can be uncomfortable but no long term results.

- Using a natural blend of ingredients designed to plump, control moisture loss, and calm irritation, it will give you back those luscious lips you once had. These ingredients hug your lips comfortably while giving you longer lasting protection. This is a great treatment and conditioner to be used after lip injections to maintain a smooth and moist plump lip.

- The beneficial list of ingredients is: Bee wax, Aloe juice extract, Peptides, Jojoba esters, Shea Butter, Olive fruit oil, Ceramide 3, Apple Stem Cell Culture, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E. All beneficial ingredients that give your lips a treatment like none other when used every day.

- This formula is a light creme that fits on the lips like a glove. Use before applying your lipstick for a layer of moisture and plumping as well as protection from the drying, peeling and cracking.

- Dry and cracking cuticles can benefit from this formula. Simply apply to each cuticle every day or after any manicure or pedicure to soften and hydrate dry cracking cuticles!

*** As we age, the structure of the philtra columns "Cupid's Bow" will lose its shape. This is the two parallel lines of tissue between your nose and upper lip, that give the upper lip its distinctive "M" like shape. Also, the lines above the lip and the structure of the outer ends of the lips will show signs of fine lines. To address these areas, apply the "Rapid Respond Line Filler" all over upper and lower lip area, then apply the "Beelicious Lip Plumper" for a full plumping effect.